MAXIM TM - Anti-Perspirant for Excessive Swaeting and Hyperhidrosis
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Causes of excessive sweating - Stress and Anxiety, Social Situations, Hormonal Changes, Endocrine Syetem, Menopause, Diabetes, Adolescence
Customer Benefiting from Maxim TM - Teens and Adults Experiencing hormonal change, Anyone who soils clothing due to excessive under arm sweating, Professional workers who require formal suits, Great for uniformed workers


Maxim Hyperhidrosis Treatment Products

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Maxim Anti Perspirant For Hyperhidrosis
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Maxim Anti Perspirant 4-Pack - Save 25%
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Maxim 15% wipes 20-pack
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Maxim Wipes 15% 4-pack saves you 30%!
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Maxim Sensitive Roll on
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Maxim Sensitive roll on 4-pack Save 45%
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Maxim Sensitive Antiperspirant Wipes
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Maxim Sensitive 4 pack wipes (save nearly 30%!)
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Maxim 15% roll on + Maxim Sensitive roll on combo Save 30%!
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Stabelite 4-pack with Maxim 15% roll on save 25%!
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World's most powerful vitamin supplement
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BleedArrest topical hemostat - 5 gram bellows and 2 sponges
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BleedArrest 5-pack Nasal Bleeding Sponges
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Eniva-Efacor - prescription-grade fish oil
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ThermoTabs For Chronic Fatigue Associated With Excessive Sweating
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